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Wowwii’s reward program is the most rewarding program online. This is how it works: By joining Wowwii for free as a member, not only will you experience great savings up to 70% off goods and services; you will also earn cashback on every purchase. Each time you order any of Wowwii brand products, you will earn handsome reward points. Points are also earned when members introduce friends and family members who join for free and shop at wowwii.com. Accumulate enough points and cash them in for free Wowwii brand products. Also look for weekly reward point specials and double points. Here is a list of Wowwii rands with reward points:

Body Lean
B-Lean 1000
Freestyle Cranberry Burst
Supermaxx Gold
Sealife Supermaxx Omega 3
Uvisu Facial Mask
Tavia Tea – Detoxolgy
Tavia Tea – Energizer
Tavia Tea - Spa Tea
Tea Fusion Tavia Tea Trilogy

Here’s how you qualify. Each member must order at least one Wowwii brand product each month or become an autoship customer. Points must be used within 90 days of earning them. Points can not be redeemed for cash and must only be used for Wowwii brand products.